Past Presentations:
September 2012; Minneapolis, MN;
“The Future of the Food Movement” (conference closing panel)

Institute for Agriculture and Trade PolicyFood + Justice = Democracy

w/ Ladonna Redmond, Hank Herrera, Valerie Martinez, Orrin Williams, Andy Fisher, Mark Winne

August 2012;
Stevenson, WA; Garden Project Design

Snoqualmie Tribe;
Traditional Knowledge and Healthy Ecosystems Summit

w/ Elise Krohn, Heidi Bohan

August 2012;
Stevenson, WA; Making Connections between Traditional Food and Sacred Sites through Youth & Elder
Snoqualmie Tribe;
Traditional Knowledge and Healthy Ecosystems Summit

w/ Dr. Dan Wildcat

August 2012;
  Podcast Interview;
“Traditional Foods and Cancer”
Journal of Global Health; Columbia University;
What is Global Health?

w/ Valerie Segrest

August 2012; Seattle, WA; “Traditional Foods and Cancer”

Native People for Cancer Control & Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center; University of Washington
Community Health Representative 'Circle of Hope' Conference
w/ Valerie Segrest

June 2012; Kansas City, MO; Invited Dinner Speaker
Agree: Transforming Food and Ag Policy
; National Advisory Committee Meeting  

May 2012
; Asheville, NC; Traditional Storytelling of Place-Based Foods"

W. K. Kellogg Foundation;
Assembly Required: Food and Community Conference

w/ Valerie Segrest

October 2011; Oakland, CA:  "Growing New Youth Food Justice Leaders: Storytelling for Organizing"
Community Food Security Coalition; Food Justice; Honoring Our Roots, Growing the Movement
w/Hai Vo, Katie Blanchard, Kyoka Akers, Jason Patterson

April 2011; Denver, CO:  "Return to Balance: Indigenous Health and Traditional Foods"
Beyond Pesticides; National Pesticide Forum
Ramona Beltran, PhD, Casey Camp-Horinek, Milo Yellow Hair

March 2011; Seattle, WA:  "Environmental Change and Conservation"
Society for Applied Anthropology;  Annual Meeting

March 2011; Seattle, WA:  "Traditional Foods and Urban American Indians Roundtable"
Sociey for Applied Anthropology; Traditional Foods Summit
w/ Annette Squetimkin-Anquoe and Lynnette Roberts

March 2011; Ames, IA: "Towards Wholeness: Native Communities and the Changing Climate of Food."
Iowa State University; Sustainable Agriculture Colloquium

February 2011; Flagstaff, AZ; Closing address
Slow Food Northern Arizona University; Flagstaff Food Film Festival

June 2010; (Radio Interview);  "Raw or Alternative Diets"
Native America Calling
w/ Lisa Charleyboy

April 2009; Carrboro, NC:  "Organic Land Management: Lawns, Gardens, and Open Spaces"
Beyond Pesticides; National Pesticide Forum

w/ Lani Malmberg and Chip Osborne

October 2008;  Torino, Italy;  "Indigenous Youth and Elders in the Food Movement"
Slow Food;  Terra Madre
w/ Winona LaDuke and Kellen Shelendewa