Winter 2009;  Inoculation; Wakarusa Valley Farm; Douglas County, KS

Wakarusa Valley Farm is a family-operated farm that has been growing certified organic produce since 1989.  In addition to providing Lawrence, Kansas-area restaurants and co-ops with produce throughout the spring, summer, and fall, Wakarusa Valley also grows Mesclun salad mix and edible/medicinal mushrooms year round in their greenhouses and indoor mushroom lairs.  They also wild harvest mushrooms for medicinal tea blends and seek out local mushroom spores for their commercial growing operation when possible, unlike many commercial mushroom growers who order their spawn online.

Bob Bruce, a young farmer and emerging mushroom growing expert allowed me to come along and see how it all goes down.  I also got an interview with him about how he keeps his "hustle" going as a young farmer.  It was part of a series of interviews I did with young people in the food movement for some friends' upcoming book about how to continue working for good in the world and make a (financial) living at the same time.